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Women’s Services

At Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center we treat the moms, sisters and daughters of our area with the specialized, comprehensive care they need. 

Our team of physicians work with women to address a variety of women’s health issues including menstruation, contraception, maternal health, childbirth, and breast cancer. Treatment here also can include medical situations special to women, including hormone therapy, heart disease and osteoporosis. Learn more about what services we offer below.


Fort Sanders Regional has gynecology specialists and gynecology/obstetrics specialists on staff who specialize in women’s reproductive systems – uterus, vagina and ovaries. Whether a woman is becoming sexually active, seeking contraception, beginning the family planning process, or suffering from an illness or infection of the reproductive system, one of our gynecology experts can help manage their treatment.

Gynecologists use either medical or surgical therapies to treat their patients. For our aging population, hormone therapy and gynecologic surgeries focusing on bladder repair and hysterectomy are prevalent. Some physicians have also received training in robotically assisted surgery techniques for select gynecologic procedures.

Maternity Services

Your little one is on the way, and you want the best care possible. With either routine or high-risk pregnancies, at Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center, we have the physicians and experience you need to deliver your baby:

Our department features:

  • Triage rooms for women experiencing problems or signs of early labor
  • Antepartum suites for women who need extended hospital stays before delivery
  • Labor and delivery suites, complete with showers for maximum comfort during labor
  • Mother/Baby rooms, where new moms can recover and greet loved ones
  • Renovated nursery – actually three in one!
    • A well-baby nursery
    • Observation nursery for babies who need extra attention
    • Isolation nursery
  • Quiet time throughout the floor
  • Attractive decor, comfortable furniture and gorgeous views of mountains, rooftop gardens or downtown Knoxville

Building Bonds from Birth

We believe in the bond between a mother and her baby – that bond is supported from the start.

Our nursing staff practice couplet care – mother and baby see the same nurse instead of the mother being cared for by one nurse and the baby being care for by another. One nurse who cares for both can watch interactions and offer the best help, whether it’s support for bonding or advice on breastfeeding and infant care. Learn more about this initiative.

We’re one of the best!

BEST for Babies graphic
In 2019, Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center was among four Covenant Health hospitals that earned the “BEST for Babies” award from the Tennessee Hospital Association and the Tennessee Department of Health. The award celebrates 18 hospitals across the state for their efforts to reduce infant deaths and improve the health of Tennessee’s newborns. Learn more about BEST for Babies.

Safe Sleep Certified

Cribs for Kids has recognized Fort Sanders Regional for 2022 as a Bronze Safe Sleep Hospital for providing education and vital tools about safe sleep to the parents of newborns.


Patient Stories

  • Giving Up Is Not an Option

    Fort Sanders Perinatal Center helps woman through high-risk pregnancies It had taken 11 months to get pregnant, and the last thing Sara Kirthlink wanted was a reason to worry about her long-awaited child. Kirthlink’s obstetrician had detected possible preeclampsia, a complication involving high blood pressure and risk to internal organs. There was also evidence that […]

  • Always There

    What’s special to Michelle Irons is having her family together, no matter what they’re doing or where they may be. She carries with her the knowledge that one child is absent, which causes her to hold the others more closely to her heart.

  • Capable and Caring Hands

    Amber Kirby was shocked when her water broke at only 28 weeks. She required specialized high-risk obstetrics care, so she came to Fort Sanders Regional.

  • May 2021 DAISY Award Winner – Cindy Smith

    Congratulations to May 2021 DAISY Award winner Cindy Smith!

  • December 2020 DAISY Winner – Maleah Hipsher

    Congratulations to our December 2020 DAISY Award winner Maleah Hipsher!

  • Doubly Blessed

    Twins Autum Shaw and Amber Tramontana both gave birth on the same day, their birthday, at Fort Sanders Regional within 90 minutes of each other.