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We’re Hiring Nurses!

Posted on October 23, 2017 in Uncategorized

Head into the New Year with a position secured at Covenant Health’s flagship hospital. Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center is a regional referral center, where other hospitals send their most difficult cases. This designation allows us the opportunity to bring the newest technologies and services to patients from all over East Tennessee and surrounding states. Fort Sanders Regional is now hiring December nurse graduates for positions in departments throughout the hospital.

Please contact Chelsea Hill for more information about available positions at 

Nurse Residency

Newly graduated nurses participate in Covenant Health’s Nurse Residency Program, which supports registered nurses (RNs) to help them successfully transition from educational settings to a fast-paced hospital environment. The 12-month structured program uses classroom learning seminars, case studies, small group discussion, precepted clinical practice and evidence-based practice projects.

Nurse Residency Program Benefits 
Our program enhances competency in three core areas: leadership, patient outcomes and professional roles. Facilitated by expert nurses, the program places special emphasis on competence and confidence in decision making, satisfaction and professional commitment, leadership and critical thinking skills, relationship building, efficiency and safety on the floor, and quality of care.

Participants receive:

Needed support from hospital leaders, peers and the Nurse Residency Program coordinator.
A promotion and raise after one year of full-time employment.
Opportunities to volunteer in the community.
Clinical autonomy at the point of patient care.
Increased competence and confidence in decision-making

Apply online for available positions:



Complex Medical

Patricia Neal Rehabilitation Center