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Please take precautions to safeguard your valuables while you are here. The hospital cannot be held responsible for the loss of money or other valuables kept in your room.

Please do not bring valuables with you to the hospital. If possible, send them home with a family member or please let your nurse know if you have valuables that need to be secured before or immediately upon going to your room. Your nursing staff can arrange to have valuables checked for you. Eyeglasses, contact lenses, hearing aides and dentures should be kept in protective containers when not in use. Please do not wrap in tissue, paper towels or pieces of hospital linen.

For the safety of our guests, visitors remaining after visiting hours must obtain a visitor’s pass from the security office. Between the hours of 9:00p.m. and 5:00a.m., all visitors should enter the hospital through the entrance for the emergency department, located on Laurel Avenue.

 Your safety is our highest priority. Please report any suspicious persons or activities to our Security Department immediately by dialing 11309 from a hospital phone, or 865-331-1309 on an outside line.