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Fourteen Functions to a Healthy Lifestyle in 2017

Posted on January 19, 2017 in Uncategorized

Check out these tips from our clinical dietitian to have a healthy and happy 2017!

By: Kim E. Pryor, MS, RDN, LDN

1. A good night’s rest is the way to start the day. Adults should aim for 8 restful hours each
night. Habitual sleep is good and necessary!

2. Plan your meals ahead of time. Always include breakfast, lunch, and supper. Make three
meals per day a habit.

3. Snacks should be planned into the day if main meals will be skipped or missed. Skipping
meals should not become a habit.

4. Plan time for laughter, tell a joke, and smile all day long!!

5. Stay hydrated with simple water. If you feel thirsty, you probably need some water. Shoot for
60 ounces per day or 1 milliliter for every calorie you eat during the day. Example: 1800
calories needs 1800 milliliters per day. 1800 milliliters equals 7.5 cups or 60 ounces.
Habitual hydration needs to become a habit.

6. Plan your exercise routine. If you have no plan, it does not become a habit.

7. Make healthy eating a habit. Healthy eating requires vegetables and fruits, whole grains, lean protein (fish, poultry, soy),
lean dairy (cow, goat, soy, nut), healthy fats (avocados, nuts, light butter, olive oil, soft tub or
liquid margarine, vegetable & nut oils), closest to natural food state (unprocessed as much as
possible), non engineered sugar: agave nectar, fructose (natural fruit sugar), honey, maple
syrup, molasses, stevia leaves. 

8. Minimize artificial sweeteners: aspartame, erythritol, rebiana, saccharin, sucralose, Use only
when necessary to control calories.

9. Minimize carbonated beverages: regular and diet; both are processed. Carbonated
beverages are a habit for caffeine and sugar highs. Not a productive habit.

10.Minimize alcohol: even small amounts to some are addictive. The health benefits of some

alcohol products do not outweigh the negatives: alcohol addiction, alcohol intoxication, liver
disease, etc. Not a healthy habit.

11.Minimize over the counter medications: over the counter meds for aches, pains, rashes,
sores, etc. are also habits that we reach for when a natural remedy may work better and have
less toxic effects. Examples: Cold or hot compress, massage the area, wash with soap and
water, rehydrate yourself, etc.

12.Your plan is unique to you. Reflect on what drives your eating and makes you choose not so
healthy options. Then figure out how you can assure yourself you will make better choices
for your health. It’s your body, mind, and soul. Only you can be the driver with this

13.Whatever natural health tip works for you & your health, do it! arginine, calcium, fiber
(soluble and insoluble) fish oil, multi-vitamin mineral supplement, niacin, olive oil, organic
apple cider vinegar, prebiotics, probiotics,Vitamin D, etceter
a. Search for outcome based,
research proven ideas for healthy lifestyle habits.

14.End each day with meditation and reflexion. Write down how your day went, what went right
or wrong and how you plan to fix it tomorrow. This task will again make healthier eating a
part of your healthy lifestyle!