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Happy Father’s Day – Josh Coppenger

Posted on June 16, 2019 in Employee Feature

Happy Father’s Day to all of our Fort Sanders Regional dads! Today, we are spotlighting FSR employee Josh Coppenger, a father of three who most recently welcomed a son, baby Jackson, at our hospital. Read more about what Josh has found the most surprising about fatherhood and what it was like having his child delivered at Regional below.

1.)     What is your name and in what dept. do you work?

My name is Josh Coppenger and I work in the cardiovascular step down unit.

2.)    How long have you worked at FSR?

19 years

3.)    How many children do you have?

I have 3 children – Jace, Zoey and baby Jackson. 

4.)    What do you love the most about being a dad?

I work nights and my kids are early risers so getting to come home and see their excitement to see me after a long night at work really makes it all worth it.

5.)    What was it like having your child delivered at FSR?

We had a great experience. The staff was informative, helpful and since Jackson had to go to Children’s Hospital they arranged for us to travel whenever we wanted to go see him. 

6.)    What are you most looking forward to this Father’s Day?

We will be at the beach this year for Father’s Day, so getting to spend time with my kids playing in the water and building memories that they will hopefully hold on to and share with their kids one day. 

7.)    What has been the most surprising thing about fatherhood?

Kids listen to everything and they pick up your habits (even the bad ones)! Also, be prepared to explain the words that come out their mouths because they really do say the craziest things sometimes.