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Physician Referrals

A physician can directly refer a patient to the Gamma Knife Center by calling (865) 331-4000 and speaking with the Gamma Knife Coordinator, Rick Wyrick.  During the initial call, basic information about the patient will be requested. The patient’s medical history and current condition then will be presented before the Gamma Knife team, who will determine the patient appropriateness for treatment. If deemed appropriate, the patient’s diagnosis schedule will be determined and the patient first will meet with either the neurosurgeon or radiation oncologist. 

If the physician has a preference about the neurosurgeon or radiation oncologist, he or she can call the doctor directly and ask for a consultation or let the Gamma Knife Coordinator know during coordination of patient plan.   

Determination of Patient Appropriateness for Gamma Knife Treatment

All Gamma Knife cases are presented at each conference between the Gamma Knife team. Based on the patient’s medical history and current condition, the team will determine if the patient is an appropriate candidate for Gamma Knife treatment.

If one of the Gamma Knife physicians sees a patient for a consult, and the patient’s diagnosis does not lend itself well to Gamma Knife treatment, the consulting physician may call the referring doctor to discuss.