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Football Season Healthy Eating

Posted on October 9, 2017 in Uncategorized

Football season is in full swing and that means tailgates and long hours spent snacking and sitting in front of the television. By developing a winning “food game plan” ahead of time, you can make smart and nutritious choices and avoid negative consequences that will impact your weight loss goal. 

Check out a few tips to help you enjoy game day festivities without feeling deprived.

  • Survey your options
    With a wide array of food choices readily available, it’s easy to overindulge. To prevent yourself from overloading, try to survey your options before diving in. Look at your protein choices first, and opt for healthier, lighter selections.
  • Bring your own
    There are so many delicious, lightened-up versions of your favorite game day recipes to fit into your diet. And your friends and family will enjoy them as well! Try making baked chicken wings, or homemade hummus or guacamole. Swap out greasy potato chips and use raw vegetables or whole wheat crackers to carry those dips.
  • Eat first
    Showing up to a tailgate or football starving is a recipe for disaster. Resist the temptation by eating before you get to the event.
  • Stay away from the food table
    Don’t sit next to the main food table – it can be tempting to pick throughout the night. In addition, always use a plate. When you can see how much you’re eating, you are less likely to over indulge.
  • Avoid alcohol and sugary soda
    Stick to water when at all possible. When you are craving something sweet, try flavored water. 

Need a recipe idea for your next tailgate party that is both delicious and low in calories? We’ve got you covered.

Zesty Baked Lime Wings

What’s a party without chicken wings? They go hand-in-hand with watching football, but those fried wings can wreak havoc on your waistline. Instead, try this recipe. You’ll get protein for your muscles and flavor for your taste buds all while keeping the football tradition.


24 Chicken Wings

6 Tomatillos

1 Tbsp. Lime Juice

1/4 Cup Low-Sodium Soy Sauce

3 Tbsp. Cilantro


Preheat the oven to 375°F. Arrange the chicken wings on a baking sheet, and pat dry. Dice the tomatillos and take the cilantro leaves off the stem. Using a blender or food processer, mix the tomatillos, lime juice, soy sauce, and cilantro leaves until smooth. Bake wings for approximately 30 minutes until crispy. Toss cooked chicken in sauce until coated. Serve immediately.

Recipe yields 24 wings and is adapted from Danette May

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