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Flashback Friday – Kelly Hudson

Posted on May 24, 2019 in Uncategorized

For today’s Flashback Friday, we are featuring Kelly Hudson, the educator on our oncology unit. Kelly has been part of the Regional team since 1990 and attended the Fort Sanders School of Nursing. She began her career at Regional as a student nurse and over the last 29 years has been a part of several major hospital milestones, including the great blizzard of ’93. Read more about Kelly’s experience below.

1.) When did you start your career at Fort Sanders Regional?

I started working here June 9, 1990 as a student nurse in the Orthopedic unit while going to school at Fort Sanders School of Nursing. I later transferred to the Oncology unit.


2.) Have you always worked in the same department?

I graduated in May of 1993 and I have worked on the Oncology unit since that time. I worked as the shift leader until 2003 and then transitioned to my role in education.


3.) What is one major aspect related to your job that has changed significantly over the course of your career?

One major thing that has changed significantly is the use of computerized charting.


4.) How has the hospital grown or changed since you were hired?

Fort Sanders has always been focused on providing excellent patient care, but we didn’t always report on patient outcomes the way we do now. Now, we have core measures and patient safety bundles which we follow to keep our patients safe while in our care by using evidenced-based practice to help guide us. The interventional radiology department has been instrumental with fast tracking stroke patients to improve patient outcomes.


5.) What is your favorite memory over the course of your time at Fort Sanders Regional?

My favorite memory here at Regional has to be the blizzard of 1993. There were eight staff members that were snowed in for 3 days.  We turned our family room into our sleeping space. We all got egg crates and made beds and slept in the same room. After our shift was over, we would go outside and have snow ball fights.  It was a great time, and we had fun while taking care of our patients.


6.) What’s kept you at Fort Sanders Regional over the last 25+ years?

I have stayed at Regional for almost 30 years (in June) because I absolutely love the staff I work with.  It’s been the only nursing job I have ever had and I cannot imagine working anywhere else.  The administration has always focused on education for staff and have always supported my work on the oncology unit. Of ocurse some days are better than others, but I know I always have the support and love from all the staff.


7.) How much was a gallon of gas when you started at Regional?

The price of gas in 1990 was around $1.00


8.) What was your favorite TV show the year you started?

My favorite TV show was Seinfeld and Beverly Hills 90210


9.) What was the major news story from the year you started? 

The Hubble Space Telescope launched.