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Flashback Friday – Carol Burns

Posted on July 12, 2019 in Uncategorized

Carol B then and nowFor today’s Flashback Friday we are featuring Carol Burns who serves as the director of hospital registration. Carol began her career at Fort Sanders Regional in 1981 and throughout her time here she has helped to shape the admitting and registration process for the hospital. Carol, like so many of our tenured employees, credits her co-workers and great leaders for helping make FSR feel like home to her. Read more about Carol below.

1.)    When did you start your career at Fort Sanders Regional?

I started working at Regional in August of 1981

2.)    Have you always worked in the same department?

No, I started in the Mailroom in 1981.  After working in that department for 7 years, I left for 4 years and returned in 1993 to work in the Registration Department.

3.)    What is one major aspect related to your job that has changed significantly over the course of your career?

Technology for certain, registration used to be a very manual process and today patients can sign in using a kiosk!

4.)    How has the hospital grown or changed since you were hired?

There are new services, new buildings and an improved focus on putting patient first.

5.)    What’s your favorite memory over the course of your time at Regional?

My favorite memory is opening the Patient Services Center in April 1996.  This area combined the old Admitting/Outpatient Registration with the Pre-Admission Testing department.  It was such an exciting time to combine these areas and Registration had a late night staff meeting before opening day to make sure we all understood the new process flow.  Fun times!  The best part is now in 2019, I am blessed to be participating in renovations again for the main lobby and registration area.

6.)    What’s kept you at Regional over the last 25+ years?

My co-workers, we are like family.  I have also had many great leaders throughout the years that have assisted and supported me.  Fort Sanders is like home to me!

7.)    How much was a gallon of gas when you started at Regional?


8.)    What was your favorite TV show when you started?

Little House on the Prairie, just loved watching this show with my Dad.  Happy Days was a favorite too.

9.) Do you remember the major news story from the year you started?

Lady Diana’s marriage to Prince Charles.