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Flashback Friday – Barry Hicks

Posted on August 2, 2019 in Employee Feature

For today’s Flashback Friday we are highlighting Barry Hicks, cardiac cath lab manager, who has been a part of our team at Fort Sanders Regional for the last 18 years. Barry has been a part of several firsts in our cardiology department which he counts as some of his favorite memories during his time at FSR. Read more about Barry below.

1.)    When did you start your career at Fort Sanders Regional?

I started working at Parkwest in 1988 and transferred in Regional in 2001.

2.)    Have you always worked in the same department?

No, I started working in healthcare in the Dietary department.

3.)    What is one major thing related to your job that has changed significantly over the course of your career? (ex. Any new technology/innovations?)

 Many technologies have been invented and improved. The most groundbreaking, in my opinion, is coronary stents. I was one of the first technicians to take part in the first procedures of coronary stenting as well as drug-eluting stenting.

4.)    How has the hospital grown or changed since you were hired?

The number of patients and the procedures we provide continues to grow each year.

5.)    What’s your favorite memory over the course of your time at Regional?

It’s hard to sum up so many years here, but being a part of so many firsts in the field of Cardiology stands out.

6.)    What’s kept you at Regional over the last 25+ years?

Covenant Health’s dedication to the community.

7.)    How much was a gallon of gas when you started at Regional?


8.)    What was your favorite TV show when you started?

Cheers and MacGyver

9.)    Do you remember the major news story from the year you started?

Pan Am Flight 103