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We realize that, often, the individuals you encounter as a patient or visitor of our hospital can leave a profound impact on your experience. At Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center, we recognize our non-nurse* employees who have gone above and beyond to improve the hospital experience for our patients and their family members with the FLAME Award.

These individuals display the following characteristics:

          F – Faces each day with the drive to be the First and Best Choice for our patients

          L – Lives our Pledge of Excellence

          A – Attentive to patient and visitor’s needs:

                     – Displays the spirit of our No Pass Zone

                     – Picks up items on the floor, doesn’t just walk past them
                     – Answers call lights when on patient floors
                     – Escorts patients and visitors to their destination instead of just providing directions
                     – Follows the 10/5 Rule – at 10’, smile and make eye contact. At 5’ verbally greet folks

          M – Maintains a positive attitude when under pressure and/or in difficult situations

          E – Exhibits the characteristics of integrity, respect and teamwork in all activities

*The FLAME Award was established in 2018 by the Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center Patient Family Partnership Council.
**This award is open to all non-nurse employees of Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center and Patricia Neal Rehabilitation Center.


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