FLAME Award Winners- Tracy Bazen and Medley Johnson

Congratulations to TWO physical therapists for being our recent FLAME award recipients! Tracy Bazen and Medley Johnson were both nominated by co-workers for exceptional patient care.

Our first FLAME winner, Tracy, was treating a patient who really needed more time in the hospital, but the patient was very reluctant to stay. After having a heart-to-heart with the patient, she discovered the patient had a reason for not wanting to stay longer. The patient’s pet was home without anyone to care for it. Tracy volunteered to go feed the pet after work and make sure all was well. After learning their beloved pet was OK, the patient was relieved and proceeded with their hospital stay. Tracy’s nominator said, “Tracy put her patient first and demonstrated excellence.”

Our second FLAME winner, Medley, was nominated for helping a patient that had fallen on hard times. The patient had no way to wash their clothes so Medley took them home to be washed, and also purchased items for the patient. Her nominator said, “Medley always puts the patient first and relates to them on a personal level.”

 Thank you for your care and compassion, Tracy and Medley!

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