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Twins share miracle birth event at Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center

Autumn and Amber's babies
Blakely (left) and Charleston (right) arrived on the same day at Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center, born to mothers who are twins. *Image used for artistic purposes only and does not promote safe sleep according to AAP recommendation.

Twins often have a special connection. Just ask identical twins Autum Shaw and Amber Tramontana.

Not only did they deliver their baby girls at Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center on the same day, but it also happened to be Amber and Autum’s birthday.

The sisters say they’ve been asked if they planned it to happen that way. Amber says there’s just no way they could have.

“This is a story with a timeline of events producible only from God,” Amber says. “We think He orchestrated this story at a time of uncertainty in the world and wanted to send a reminder that He is in control…beyond even what our minds can fathom.”

Blessed Beginnings

Autumn and Amber's boys and babies
Maverick Shaw gives a kiss to baby sister Charleston (left) while baby Blakely Tramontana is held by proud big brother Briggs (right). *Image used for artistic purposes only and does not promote safe sleep according to AAP recommendation.

The story they tell begins first with the births of their sons. Already married for several years, Autum hadn’t been able to have a baby. Miraculously, her first pregnancy happened after her twin got married and became pregnant, too.

Their sons were born 10 weeks apart. “It’s like our bodies were waiting for each other,” Amber says.

In December 2019 Autum and her husband made plans to announce another baby was coming. When the time came, they had to deliver a much different message instead.

“On the day I planned to tell my family that we were expecting,” Autum recalls, “I had to inform them I was in fact losing my baby.”

Caring people surrounded Autum with love and compassion. One of them was Amber, who offered a prayer for peace, comfort and God’s will.

“It was the most comforting thing about that day and something I will never forget,” Autum says.

A couple of months later, Amber made a call to gauge whether or not the time was right to share the news she was pregnant. She wanted her sister to know but didn’t want to add to Autum’s pain.

During the call, the twin connection kicked in again. Autum spontaneously asked if Amber was pregnant. Amber asked if Autum was pregnant. They both were, and amazingly, due on the same day.

“This is another example of how God let me know that all the details were in His hands,” Autum says. “He took what was the worst imaginable situation for me and turned it into the most amazing blessing and testimony.”

Despite the fact that only a very small percentage of babies are born on their due date, both babies were born on schedule on Oct. 29, 2020, with the assistance of Fort Sanders Regional OB/GYN George Vick, MD.

A Caring Connection

Autumn and Amber with their babies
Identical twins Autum Shaw (left, with Charleston) and Amber Tramontana (right, with Blakely) each delivered a baby girl just 90 minutes apart on their birthday.

“I used to be a postpartum nurse so my expectations of the delivery experience are set rather high,” Amber says. “The 48 hours spent in the delivery suite and postpartum floor were nothing short of a five-star experience from the preparedness to the level of expertise and knowledge base.”

Amber isn’t the only one with medical knowledge and high expectations. “As a nurse practitioner, I am aware that it takes an entire team to make a hospital or practice successful, and every person involved in our care was phenomenal,” Autum says. “It takes a special team to take care of a laboring and postpartum mother, and Fort Sanders Regional made this a very pleasant experience.”

Looking back, the two sisters realize how extraordinary the whole situation was. Not only did they deliver their babies on their birthday, but it happened in the middle of a worldwide pandemic.

“I tried to leave it all in God’s hands and let Him control all the details,” Autum says. “Dr. Vick and his physician’s assistant were also a huge factor in controlling any anxiety I had. I truly believe they have a gift from God in calming pregnant mothers.”

In a time when so much of the world seemed out of control, Amber and Autum believe their special deliveries were more than a coincidence. Autum says it’s a heavenly message for us all.

“We have a story that without a doubt shows who is in control of all things,” Autum says. “We will continue to thank Him for our amazing little blessings.”

You can learn more about labor and delivery at Fort Sanders Regional by visiting or by calling (865) 673-FORT (3678).

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