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April 2021 DAISY Award Winner: Sara Lema

Posted on July 9, 2021 in Daisy Award Recipients

Sara Lema receiving her DAISY AwardCongratulations to DAISY Award winner Sara Lema! Sara is a nurse in our nurse float pool, a group of dedicated nurses who travel to different areas of the hospital as needed. During one of Sara’s shifts working in our orthopedic/bariatric unit, she made a huge impact on one of her patients. On her way into work one day, she heard about a free program she knew would greatly benefit that patient. Sara pulled over on the side of the road to write down the requirements to get into the free program so she could help her patient beyond the medical care she provided at the hospital. Thanks to Sara’s diligence and extra care, her patient was able to get the appropriate testing and meet the requirements to be accepted into the program. Sara’s willingness to go the extra mile to care for her patient has truly earned her a DAISY Award – and will benefit future patients to come. Congrats, Sara!

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