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May 2021 DAISY Award Winner – Cindy Smith

Posted on September 15, 2021 in Daisy Award Recipients

Cindy Smith receiving her DAISY awardCongratulations to May 2021 DAISY Award winner Cindy Smith! Cindy is a nurse in our women’s services department whose calm demeanor and excellent clinical care put her patient at ease during a difficult procedure. Cindy’s nominator is a former patient who says she is normally anxious with elevated blood pressure, especially in clinical settings. Thanks to Cindy, this patient felt comfortable and truly cared for with compassion, kindness, love and thought. In congratulating her, Fort Sanders Regional Chief Nursing Officer Lynda Watts called Cindy’s effort “the human touch,” referring to Cindy’s efforts to talk to her patient and keep her distracted during the procedure. She kept an open line of communication with her patient and the other clinical staff in the room, which really assured her patient that she was in good hands. The patient said, “I’ve never felt I was in such capable, informed, kind hands. Cindy brought me comfort and confidence in my medical care I could have never anticipated. She was an integral part of making my experience a 10/10.” Thank you for all you do for your patients, Cindy!