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Construction Updates

This page is your best resource for the latest construction updates that could possibly impact your trip to Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center. Please continue to check back frequently throughout the construction process.

March 7, 2020

The new Emergency Department is open as of 8 a.m. Saturday, March 7! This means we have a new E.D. entrance along with our updated and expanded facilities. See the map below for changes.

Updated emergency entrance for Fort Sanders RegionalAugust 2019

Construction continues everywhere on our hospital campus as we continue improve our facility for the community and patients we serve.

 Progress on the new E.D. continues to move forward with cabinetry installation underway.
 The renovated lobby is starting to take shape with the new patient information desk installed in the front of the lobby. Progress has slowed due to supply issues but we are working to stay on schedule. We are all very excited for the lobby to be complete!
 The vertical expansion of the CAM building continues with the 4th and 5th floor outlines taking shape more and more each day. The concrete pouring of the 4th floor is currently underway. Work on the elevator connector between the CAM and the hospital is still on track to be completed on schedule.
 If you’ve headed to Laurel Avenue then you’ve seen the work on the foundation for the Laurel Plaza connector bridge. As the
steel beams are erected across 19th and Laurel, the corner intersection will have 3 weekend closures beginning late September. These dates will be communicated as soon as possible.
 Preparation for the Laurel Garage expansion in underway. The construction team have begun grading and shoring the edges.
Digging for the support columns will begin once that is complete.
 Green Elevator modernization continues with elevator number 9. Once completed, work on the final elevator to be
modernized will begin. After they are all completed, the new system should significantly improve the response times of the
green elevators.

July 18, 2019

If you approach the hospital from the interstate, your view of the CAM building has changed significantly in recent weeks! Each day we continue to see more and more (visible and less visible) progress on the facility as construction continues. A video of drone footage of the construction is available here. Read below for a list of important construction updates: 

  • Each day we continue to see new design elements reflecting the new look of the lobby. Thank you for your patience as walking paths have been disrupted to allow work to be completed. The lobby project is slated to be completed by September.
  • Work on the new E.D. forges ahead as sheetrock continues to be installed and work on the exterior veneer will begin soon.
  • Ongoing from last month, work continues on the top of the Center for Advanced Medicine as structural steel is erected for the vertical expansion.
  • Excavation for the Laurel Bridge is complete, allowing the foundation to be poured in late July. Throughout the duration of the construction of the Laurel Connector, the west side of the 19th street sidewalk next to Laurel Plaza will be closed. For your safety, please use the east sidewalk next to the hospital when crossing Laurel Avenue and refrain from walking on the street.

June 4, 2019

The warm weather is now fully upon us and with the good weather, work on our facility continues to ramp up. See below for a list of construction updates.

  • If you’ve walked through the lobby recently, then you’ve noticed a major transformation, as flooring continues to be installed. The lobby renovation project is slated to be completed by late this summer. As work on the lobby progresses, we ask for your patience as walking paths may change daily.
  • Progress on the new emergency department moves ahead as sheetrock will begin to be installed in late May. The new space will be nearly double the size of our existing ED.
  • As work continues on the top of the Center for Advanced Medicine, you will begin to see more of the vertical expansion taking place via the installation of the shear walls and structural steel. The upward expansion currently visible is part of extending the existing elevators and stairwells.
  • Demolition on the northwest corner of 19th Street and Laurel Avenue has begun in preparation for the walkway that will connect Laurel Plaza to the CAM building. This will not affect vehicle traffic, however the pedestrian crosswalk will be affected. Demolition is expected to be completed by mid-June.

January 21, 2019

If you are traveling to Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center in the days ahead, be aware that construction is now underway for the expansion of the emergency and critical care departments. As part of this extensive project, several access points for the hospital are changing.

Changes to 19th St. Access to Ambulance Bay and ED

Beginning Monday, Feb. 4, the existing ambulance bay and emergency department entrance on 19th St. will be relocating. A large construction fence will be installed between the Center for Advanced Medicine (CAM) parking garage and Trustees Tower at Laurel Ave. and 19th St., prohibiting access to the existing ED drop-off and ambulance bay.

New Emergency Department Patient Drop-off

Emergency department patient drop-off will be routed through the Trustees Tower garage located on Laurel Avenue. A staffed receiving area has been built on the southeast side of the garage near the elevators to assist patients. Directional signs will be placed around the hospital to direct patients to the new entrance.

Ambulance Bay Moving to Clinch Ave.

The ambulance bay will be moved to the front of the hospital on Clinch Avenue for the duration of the project.

Center for Advanced Medicine (CAM ) Parking

The P2 level of the CAM garage will be closing permanently on Saturday, Feb. 2. Patients and visitors will be redirected to park in the Thompson Cancer Survival Center garage off Clinch Avenue, Laurel Avenue parking garage off Laurel Avenue, or the P1 level of the CAM garage.

January 10, 2019

Beginning Monday, January 14, scaffolding will be erected surrounding the North side of the Center for Advanced Medicine. It will take approximately 3 weeks to complete the installation of the scaffolding. The construction fence already in place on Laurel Avenue will surround the area. The scaffolding is necessary to prepare for the construction of the fourth and fifth floors of the CAM building.

December 21, 2018

The crane is up, and construction is officially underway. Despite the busy holiday season, we continue to make preparations for our expansion project. See below for a list of updates on both ongoing and upcoming projects.

  • Renovations on the carpeted stairs on the lobby level will begin soon. Patients and visitors will need to use the adjacent stairwell or the blue elevators to access these areas.
  • The P2 level of the Center for Advanced Medicine parking garage will be closing very soon. Patients who park on this level will be redirected to park on the P1 level of the CAM garage, Laurel Avenue garage or Thompson garage.