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Bariatric Services

Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center’s multi-disciplinary approach to weight loss offers both surgical and non-surgical options to our patients. Our staff will help you decide the weight loss option that is right for you and your weight loss goals.

Fort Sanders Center for Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgeons Mark Colquitt, MD, and Jonathan Ray, MDBariatric surgery can often benefit morbidly obese people or those with obesity-related illnesses who have been unable to lose weight through other methods. Fort Sanders Center for Bariatric Surgery is accredited as a Comprehensive Center under the Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Accreditation and Quality Improvement and is led by Mark Colquitt, MD and Jonathan Ray, MD. Both are board-certified surgeons who have helped more than 3,000 patients lose close to 300,000 pounds.

Learn more about surgical options here.

Fort Sanders Weight Management and Nutrition Center

Weights, tennis shoes and healthy foods.The Fort Sanders Weight Management and Nutrition Center empowers individuals to achieve a healthy lifestyle through sustainable life-long changes in diet, physical activity and personal health management. Unlike many other weight loss programs, the Fort Sanders Weight Management and Nutrition Center offers a medically supervised approach including a physician, nurse practitioner, dietitian and an exercise physiologist. Using a multi-disciplinary
approach, each patient is offered an individualized
weight loss plan tailored to their needs.

Learn more about non-surgical options here.

Patient Stories

  • New Year, New You

    Have you considered shedding pounds but have not had luck with diet and exercise alone? It may be time to consult a physician who specializes in bariatrics, or weight-loss medicine. Nearly six years ago, Dana Webber, RN, a certified bariatric nurse, was part of a team that started the bariatric program at Fort Sanders Regional […]

  • Why You Can’t Lose Weight

    Fort Sanders Regional Weight Management and Nutrition Center and Fort Sanders Center for Bariatric Surgery work hand in hand to offer medically supervised weight loss plans that work.

  • Worth the Wait

    After losing 50 pounds on a medically supervised plan through Fort Sanders Weight Management and Nutrition Center, Cook says she’s feeling great.

  • No More Mr. Big Guy

    Since his August 2017 surgery, Dougherty lost not only 400 pounds, but also his appetite – a nice bonus for a barbecue restaurant owner

  • Fitting In

    When Kerrie Merz weighed 336 pounds, she dealt with knee pain every step of the way from her car to the door of the movie theater. Then there was the challenge of fitting into a seat. “I would squeeze myself into that chair – literally get into it and have my body overflowing out of […]

  • No Regrets

    Rex Veach, a quality engineer at Oak Ridge National Lab, decided a lifetime of yo-yo dieting was enough.