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Oncology (Cancer)

We’re in Your Corner

At Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center, you never fight cancer alone.
At Fort Sanders Regional, you never fight cancer alone. Our board-certified surgeons and physicians, along with physicians from Thompson Cancer Survival Center, offer you comprehensive care from diagnosis to recovery - all in one convenient and coordinated approach.


A Winning Team

Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center is committed to providing cancer patients with the latest treatments and technologies.

Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center is committed to providing cancer patients with the latest treatments and technologies. We develop a treatment plan designed specifically for you based on your needs, our experience, best practices, and in collaboration with our multi-disciplinary care team at Thompson Cancer Survival Center.

Fort Sanders Oncology Center of Excellence

Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center offers a comprehensive approach to cancer care. From the latest diagnostic and early detection techniques to breakthrough treatments, clinical trials, and stem cell program, Fort Sanders Regional offers all the services - and professional support - to beat cancer. Our team of board-certified specialists works together with physicians and cancer experts from Thompson Cancer Survival Center, located just across the street from the hospital. With this unique approach, every patient has a team of caring professionals on their side. Fort Sanders' comprehensive cancer care includes these and other programs and services:

Cancer Specialists - Our treatment team includes medical, radiation and surgical oncologists; radiologists; pathologists; endocrinologists; and other physicians who specialize in various aspects of treating cancer. Our care team also includes certified oncology nurses, pharmacists, dietitians, social workers, homecare and rehabilitation providers, and other medical experts.

Center of Excellence for Treatment of Barrett's Esophagus - Photodynamic therapy for Barrett's esophagus was pioneered at the Thompson Cancer Survival Center, which has treated more patients than any other center. The Center has introduced new treatments and technologies for non-invasive detection of cancer and dysplasia.

Fort Sanders Regional Gamma Knife Center - The gamma knife is an innovative tool for treating brain tumors and other conditions previously considered inoperable. Gamma Knife is a stereotactic radiosurgical procedure that is an alternative to traditional surgeries.

Stem Cell Program - Stem cell transplants are sometimes used in conjunction with high-dose chemotherapy. Thompson Cancer Survival Center is the only East Tennessee stem cell transplant program to earn accreditation from the Foundation for the Accreditation of Cellular Therapy (FACT), assuring patients that the program's clinical and technical excellence are among the best in the nation.

Certifications and Accreditations

The Oncology Center of Excellence at Fort Sanders Regional holds the prestigious Certificate of Approval from the Commission on Cancer. This certification is awarded only to facilities with oncology programs committed to providing the best comprehensive cancer care. The 8th floor at Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center serves as the inpatient component of the accredited stem cell program based at Thompson Cancer Surival Center. 

The Oncology Center of Excellence at Fort Sanders offers a comprehensive approach to patient care which minimizes patient disruption and maximizes clinical quality and efficiency. Cancer patients and their families can be assured their loved ones will receive the most complete and exceptional oncology care available.


Within Fort Sanders’ specialized oncology unit, all staff team members receive specialized oncology education. RNs have oncology certifications, and chemotherapy-trained nurses work with oncologists to make sure each patient receives the correct chemotherapy drug, in the right dosage cycle, every time.

Education and Safety

Many of our nurses are also oncology-certified at a national level. They have dedicated more than 1000 hours caring for cancer patients and have successfully completed a national examination demonstrating their specialized knowledge in this field. Staff attend special lectures and conferences hosted by local and national medical oncologists and radiation oncologists to keep up with the newest innovative treatments available.

Fort Sanders’ emphasis on oncology knowledge and expertise isn’t limited to nurses. Each staff member on the oncology unit is uniquely trained in the care of cancer patients. The care team includes a dedicated oncologic pharmacist, dietician, social worker, and RN case manager. This team works together to ensure excellent patient care from admission to discharge. From our dieticians, to our pharmacists and radiologists, to our housekeeping staff, we have taken steps to provide specialized training to every employee who comes in contact with our cancer patients. The team's knowledge and compassion helps us provide better care to our patients and families.

Safety is the number one priority in our cancer care unit! Our physicians and staff work as a team to follow strict safety guidelines and verifications for accuracy when dispensing high-potency medications and in providing overall care for our patients. 

To learn more about the Oncology Center of Excellence at Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center, call 865-541-2169.